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Oregon State University

Goals for CASA Latina/o de OSU

CASA has taken the initial step in further developing the services we provide by implementing these goals:

1. Create and implement leadership development programs.

2. Increase Latino enrollment at OSU each year.

3. Create more recruitment/outreach events specific to the Latino community.

4. Collaborate with off campus organizations to help bring resources to campus.

5. Promote unity amongst the student organizations.

6. Provide professional development for students.

7. Work with the Offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, & University Housing & Dining and their web site to better serve Latino/Chicano/Hispanic students.

8. Work closely with Latino-based student organizations to better understand the needs & concerns of the students.

9. Participate in a learning community with the Intercultural Student Services staff.

10. Work closely with University leadership to better serve students by advocating for the hiring of more Latino faculty and staff.

11. Increase the number of Latina/o high school students visitng campus.

12. Increase collaboration with resource centers, cultural centers and academic departments.

13. Create high impact learning opportunitties through internships and service learning opportunities.

14. Increase the number of students particpating in the annual Si Se Pudo, Latino graduation.