Connecting with Alumni

Because our Latino community is growing, there also needs to be some sort of way for even our alumni to stay in contact. Whether it be through the OSU Chicana/o Latina/o Alumni Association or looking back at old graduation pictures, this section is dedicated to you.


Please feel free to contact CASA if you know of any former alumni who would like to be highlighted in this section of "Alumni Spotlight".

Chicana/o Latina/o Alumni Association (CLAA)

OSU CLAA '08 Renunion

Keeping Chicana/o Latina/o Alumni Connected

Chicana/o and Latina/o alumni are members of one of the most diverse, talented and involved OSU affinity groups. The Chicana/o Latina/o Alumni Association (CLAA) is a gateway to the broader alumni association and the growing Oregon Chicana/o Latina/o community.

The CLAA is proud to provide services and resources that strengthen our connection to the university and each other.

For more information about the CLAA, please visit the Chicana/o Latina/o Alumni Association website.


Latino Alumni Spotlight: Where are they now?

Alumni & where they are now. From the most recent to those who graduated further on down the road.


Jose Gutierrez with USC Football Coach Pete CarrollJose Gutierrez, Class of 2007

Is graduating with a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California this spring. He shares a video of his speech accepting the Pete Carroll Scholarship at minute 40 on “A Celebration of the Heart”. Listen to it, if you get a chance. It’s a great speech.

And he also shares his latest musical efforts with the debut of his mini album, “Foreword”. To get your copy online visit the SNOCAP store on



Araceli Carlos posing at a banquetAraceli Carlos, Class of 2008

Reports that she is working in Portland for an engineering firm, David Evans and Associates.

“Its been tough for our company with the economy down turn, but I still have a job and we do exciting work. I am happy. I am involved in construction projects like wind mill farms and solar panels.”