Oregon State University Herbarium

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About the Herbarium (directions)
The Oregon State University Herbarium houses approximately 405,000 vascular plant, bryophyte, algal, and fungal specimens. The collections are worldwide in scope, with a focus on the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
Oregon Flora Project
The employees & volunteers associated with the herbarium and how to contact them.
Herbarium Databases
Online access to over 148,000 specimen records of Oregon vascular plant and 30,000 mycological specimens. The Oregon Vascular Plant Atlas and our Type Specimen Images and Literature can also be accessed here.
Taxonomic Treatments
Descriptions, images and identification keys for the Racomitrioideae mosses of Oregon, a database of the genus Thalictrum (meadow rue), and information about the Carex Working Group.
Oregon State University Mycological Collections Database