September 23, 2010

Please note that there was some audio interference with the microphone on most of these, unfortunately :-(

8:30 – Sarah Hill-Skinner (Carol Rivin) - "The Role of the Phytohormone Gibberellic Acid in Maize Embryo Maturation" (Presentation / Video)
8:45 – Ana Brar (John Hays) – “Mutation Frequency Analysis in Arabidopsis thaliana: A Study of Mismatch Repair Inhibition” (Presentation / Video)
9:00 – William Gibson (John Hays) – “Kinetics of MutS alpha-Mediated DNA Mismatch Repair” (Presentation / Video)
9:15 – Robert Ursu (John Hays) – “The Effect of ATR on UV-Induced Stem Cell Death in Arabidopsis” (Presentation / Video)
9:30 – Johanna Steinbrecher (John Hays) – “The DNA Damage Response- An Investigation of Pol eta and ATM” (Presentation / Video)
9:45 – Jacki Coburn (Andrew Buermeyer) – “Impact of PAH Exposure on Accumulation of Translesion DNA Polymerases in Mouse Colon” (Presentation / Video)

10:15 – Nick Lowery (Jim Carrington) – “Role of Arabidopsis RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Genes 3, 4 and 5 in Antiviral Defense” (Presentation / Video)
10:30 - Bailey Lindenmaier (Russell Turner) – “Characterizing the Skeletal Phenotypes of db/db Mice” (Presentation / Video)
10:45 – Margo Roemeling (James Hurst) – “The Blue Dimer: Water Oxidation Catalyst” (Presentation / Video)
11:00 – Xiao-Yue Han (Adam Higgins) – “An Apparatus for Optimizing Heat Exchange and Solution Mixing for Cryopreservation Experiments with 2D Tissue Systems: Temperature and Concentration Control” (Presentation / Video)
11:15 – Paulina Nguyen (Ganesh Cherala) – “Effect of Perinatal Low Protein Diet on the Expression of Renal Organic Cation Transporters in Adult Rats” (Presentation / Video)

1:00 – Katherine Tai (Rod Dashwood) – “SelSA Compounds as HDAC Inhibitors” (Presentation / Video)
1:15 – Anneke Tucker (Balz Frei) – “Inhibition of alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase by Bioflavanoids: In Vitro and in vivo Studies” (Presentation / Video)
1:30 – Caitlin Crimp (Debbie Mustacich) – “Gender Differences in Alpha-Tocopherol Protection Against Benzo[a]pyrene-Induced Damage in Rats” (Presentation / Video)
1:45 – Hannah Raines (Maret Traber) – “Vitamin E as a Potentiator of Vitamin K Inadequacy” (Presentation / Video)
2:00 – Paul Munson (Dennis Hruby) – “High-throughput Screening for Alphavirus Inhibitors” (Presentation / Video)
2:15 – Taylor Bendt (Gary Merrill) – “Does the Baculovirus Sulfhydryl Oxidase Ac92 Associate With and Oxidize p53?” (Presentation / Video)

2:40 – Mattie Squire (Bob Mason) - "The Effects of Estradiol on Sperm Transport in Female Red-Sided Garter Snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis)” (Presentation / Video)
2:55- Anna Vigeland (Bob Mason) – “Effects of UVB Radiation on the Skin Lipids of Garter Snakes” (Presentation / Video)
3:10 - Sheena Wheeler (Anna Jolles) – “The Immunological Basis for Disease Dilution” (Presentation / Video)
3:25 – Wendel Raymond (Mark Hixon) – “Effects Between Invasive Lionfish and Native Nassau Grouper” (Presentation / Video)
3:40 – Katharina Scholz (Andy Blaustein) – “Impact of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis on Food Web Dynamics and its Consequences for Larval Amphibians” (Presentation / Video)
3:55 – Emma Herdener (John Ruben) – “Directionality of Air Flow in the Lungs of Non-Avian Sauropsids” (Presentation / Video)
4:10 - Julia McGonigle (Robert Meinke) – “Population Comparision, Germination Rates, and Inbreeding Depression of Limnanthes floccosa ssp.grandiflora” (Presentation / Video)

September 24
8:30 – Callia Palioca (Andy Karplus) – “Structural Studies of StAhpC2 and MpGlpO” (Presentation / Video)
8:45 – Jonathan Yih (Elisar Barbar) - "Investigation of Dynein's Linker Regions" (Presentation / Video)
9:00 – Rachel Rasberry (Elisar Barbar) – “Determination of Dynein Light Chain LC7 Stability and Folding Using Circular Dichroism” (Presentation / Video)
9:15 – Abby McArthur (Victor Hsu) – “Growth and Purification of hFXR LBD” (Presentation / Video)
9:30 – Brian Phan (Jane Ishmael) – “Characterization of LC8 Interaction with the NR1 Subunit of NMDA Receptors” (Presentation / Video)
9:45 – Mitchell Truong (Joe McGuire) “Chain Length Effects on Nisin Adsorption to Polyethylene Oxide Layers” (Presentation / Video)

10:15 – Uriel Aparicio (Alan Milligan) – “Mechanism of Light Acclimation in Marine Phytoplankton” (Presentation / Video)
10:30 - Courtney Wilson (Robert Meinke) – “Plagiobothrys hirtus: Seed Viability for Recovery” (Presentation / Video)
10:45 – Jared Streich (Todd Mockler) – “Analysis of Physiological Characteristics and Gene Expression Associated with Different Light Conditions in Brachypodium distachyon” (Presentation / Video)
11:00 – Anatoliy Vlasenko (Fred Stevens) – “Metabolism of Ascorbylated Peroxidation Products in Cell Culture” (Presentation / Video)
11:15 – Ken White (Fred Stevens) – “Vitamin C-dependent Pathway for Eradicating LPO Products” (Presentation / Video)

1:00 – Erika Snow (John Mata) – “Mycobacterium tuberculosis Selective Adenosine Kinase Nucleoside Polymers for Inhalation Therapy” (Presentation / Video)
1:15 - Chelsea Parker (Theresa Filtz) – “Involvement of PP6 in Dephosphorylation of Bcl11b (an Anti-Tumorigenic Transcription Factor)” (Presentation / Video)
1:30 - Kelly Crotty (Tory Hagen) – “Lipoic Acid Induces Nrf2 Translation in an mTOR-dependent Manner” (Presentation / Video)
1:45 - Maria Nguyen (Jeff Greenwood) – “Calpain 2 Regulation of Akt in Glioblastoma Cell Invasion” (Presentation / Video)

2:10 – Thao Cao (Hiro Nonogaki) – “Characterization of NF-YA in Arabidopsis Seeds” (Presentation / Video)
2:25 - Shannon Cahill-Weisser (Skip Rochefort) – “Determination of the Role of Proteins in the Physical Properties of Equine Synovial Fluid” (Presentation / Video)
2:40 - Sita Ping (Dee Denver) – “Evolution of Mitochondrial Genome Architecture in Nematodes” (Presentation / Video)
3:20 – Danika Kusuma (Dee Denver) – “The Effects of Vitamin E on the Lifespan of C. elegans Strains with Mitochondrial Mutations” (Presentation / Video)

Speaking in December of Xmas Break –

Brenda Niu (Fritz Gombart) - "Identification of Compounds that Induce the Human Cathelicidin Gene Through the Vitamin D and/or Farnesoid X Receptors" (Presentation / Video)
Megan Liu (Maret Traber) - "Morpholino Knockdown of Glutathione Peroxidase 4 in Embryonic Zebrafish" (Presentation / Video)
Sean McIntyre (Joe Beckman) “Purification of CCS, copper chaperone to Superoxide Dismutase” (Presentation / Video)
Taylor Nowlin (Andrew Buermeyer) – “Induced Mutations and DNA Mismatch Repair” (Presentation / Video)


We are grateful this year for funding from many sources, including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the University Honors College, the OSU URISC Program, the Cripps Scholarship in the College of Science, the Johnson Scholarship in the College of Engineering, the Jaworski Scholarship in Botany/Plant Pathology, the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP), Dr. Harrison Ofiyai, and research funds from the following OSU professors – Drs. Allen Milligan, Skip Rochefort, Hiro Nonogaki, John Hays, Adam Higgins, Russell Turner, Jim Carrington, Joe Beckman, Dennis Hruby, Fritz Gombart, Theresa Filtz, Maret Traber, Mark Hixon, James Hurst, Rod Dashwood, Fred Stevens, and Elisar Barbar