Faculty Project Proposal Summary

Calendar Year 2014 Program



Faculty Name & Department/School:  Kristen Macuga, CARVE (Cognition and Action in Real and Virtual Environments) Lab, School of Psychological Science


Research Project Title:  Role of visual feedback in locomotor, manual, and tool-use learning tasks


Project Overview: The purpose of this project is to examine how people use visual information to perform movement-based tasks, such as walking, reaching and pointing, or using tools. By using virtual reality technology, we will manipulate exactly when and how visual information is presented to investigate its role in motor learning (the acquisition of movement-related skills). We will sometimes present visual information that is either consistent or inconsistent with other movement-related sensory cues to examine multisensory integration (how different senses interact with one another and alter each other's processing).


What skills will students obtain in this project?  These may vary depending on the student’s background and interests.


Student research tasks: Again, these will likely depend on the student’s background and interests.


Number of hours per week expected of student: 5-15




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