Faculty Project Proposal Summary

Calendar Year 2014 Program



Faculty Name & Department/School:  Ross Hatton, School of MIME


Research Project Title:  Casting Manipulation – Targeted Throwing of Objects


Project Overview:  The Laboratory for Robotics and Applied Mechanics is investigating “casting manipulation,” in which an object is thrown (cast), then guided to its target by pulls on an attached string. Within this operation are many smaller tasks that must be accurately and repeatedly completed, such as precise release of the thrown object.


What skills will students obtain in this project? The student will learn about dynamics, control, and the construction of physical hardware.


Student research tasks: Working with graduate students and senior undergraduates, the student will identify a subtask of casting manipulation that needs to be completed for the main task to be executed, and design and implement a solution for making it work.



Number of hours per week expected of student: 8-10


Preferred Faculty Contact Information (email): Ross.hatton@oregonstate.edu



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