Faculty Project Proposal Summary

Calendar Year 2014 Program


 Faculty Name & Department/School:  Dr. David Hackleman,  CBEE/COE


Research Project Title:  Extraction of essential oils from select plants


Project Overview: 

Many plants have “essential oils”.  These oils include a variety of chemical compounds that have been used by human civilizations since prior to recorded history.   Some of these chemicals have survived this test of time and continue to be utilized in a wide variety of human endeavors such as cooking, fragrances, nutritional supplements, cleaning, and even medicinal applications.  This project will be to explore some such compounds through extraction from the botanical sources.    


What skills will students obtain in this project? 

  1. Ability to discover and validate factuality of scientific / technical information from literary, human and web resources.
  2. Ability to extract essential oils from botanical materials
  3. Chemical laboratory safety practices
  4. Ability to perform independent research.
  5. Hopefully:  Creativity.


Student research tasks:

  1. With P.I. (DH), determine essential oils / botanical species to explore
  2. Collect botanical materials
  3. Basic “wet chemical laboratory” tasks.
  4. Learn and use a microwave energy based extraction apparatus in laboratory
  5. Optimize extraction process for specific essential oil
  6. Submit extracted oils for chemical identification and/or analysis tool utilization
    1. Aid in or perform the identification of oils extracted and quantity
  7. Complete a research paper on results discovered and developed.
    1. Paper to be posted to web and/or submitted for publication consideration depending on extent of accomplishments.


Number of hours per week expected of student:


This is really dependent on the student, but ideally, at least 6.   PI (DH) will plan to be available for at least 1 hr/wk for consultation.



The lab area may move from the existing location to another location depending on lab utilization in Winter and Spring terms.  Current location is GLSN 104.   


  1. Text Box: Preferred Faculty Contact Information (email): David.Hackleman@oregonstate.edu




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