Faculty Project Proposal Summary

Calendar Year 2014 Program


 Faculty Name & Department/School:                   Frank J. Bernieri, Psychology


Research Project Title:                                            Interpersonal Sensitivity Project


Project Overview:                                        

            This is a multi-year project that has been investigating the assessments, personality traits, and intellectual competencies associated with interpersonal perception skills (reading people accurately and acting appropriately).  A massive archive has already been collected.  Research assistants are needed to process various aspects of these data.


What skills will students obtain in this project?

            Students will help construct and organize this data archive consisting of personality tests, audio and video recordings, and completed statistical reports of participants’ skills, personality, and nonverbal behavior.  Students will learn to identify several different types of psychological assessments (e.g., tests, opinion surveys, self-reports, etc.).  Students will be trained how to handle and process information collected from human subjects according to government regulations and in line with the ethical guidelines published by the American Psychological Association.  Finally, students will become familiar with the general theories involved in interpersonal perception and will be encourage to brain storm ideas that link theory to data we have in our archive.


Student research tasks:

            Students will scan and digitalize hardcopy documents that constitute the raw data collected on this project. They will also need to view, organize, and label hundreds of brief video clips associated with this project.


Number of hours per week expected of student:

            I need a 10 hour/week commitment for this over the course of the two terms. Ideally, the student would be willing to continue working in the lab in Fall 2014 for PSY401 “Research” credits.


Preferred Faculty Contact Information (email):

      1. Text Box: Frank.Bernieri@oregonstate.ed




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