URSA Engage Program 2013
Position Descriptions for Students to Apply For


Faculty Name & Department/School: Dr. Jeffrey Greenwood, Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics, College of Science


Research Project Title: Zebrafish xenograft model for cancer progression


Project Overview: 

We have developed a model which involves injecting fluorescently labeled human glioblastoma cells from an aggressive primary brain tumor into the brain of zebrafish to measure and characterize the regulation of potential therapeutic agents.  The goal of this project will be to inject leukemia and breast cancer cells into the abdomen of the zebrafish to determine the potential to expand this model to other cancers.  Zebrafish will be treated with nanoparticles and enzyme inhibitors to screen for potential regulatory agents.


What skills will students obtain in this project? 

Experimental design and data recording and analysis.  Cell culture of human tumor cells.  Handling, microinjection, and microscopic imaging of zebrafish.  Nanoparticle applications in biological systems.


Student research tasks: 

Culture, fluorescently label, and inject tumor cells into zebrafish.  Image and quantify cell number, area, and dispersal in zebrafish.  Treat zebrafish and cell cultures with nanoparticles and inhibitors.  Record data in lab notebook and prepare PowerPoint presentation.


Period of work - Spring and Fall


Number of hours per week expected of student:     10-12 hours, preferably 1.5 days a week


Preferred Faculty Contact Information:  jeffrey.greenwood@orst.edu

(note - applications are NOT sent to mentors - see instructions)

q Yes    X No:   Human Subjects 

X Yes    q  No:   Live Vertebrate Animals

q Yes    X  No:   Recombinant DNA Molecules Transgenic Plants or Animal, and/or Infectious Agents of Plants, Animals, or Humans

q Yes    X  No:   Ionizing Radiation

q Yes    X  No:   Chemical Carcinogens

q Yes    X  No:   Scuba Diving, Free Diving

q Yes    X  No:   Small Boating Operations


Approval Number(s) from above, if relevant _____ACUP 4255__________________

If you are interested in applying for this position, you MUST complete the student application HERE and email it to Dr. Kevin Ahern at ahernk@onid.orst.edu

Do NOT email your application to the faculty mentor.