URSA Engage Program 2013
Position Descriptions for Students to Apply For


Faculty Name & Department/School: Dr. Miguel A. Goñi – College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences


Research Project Title: Characterization of organic matter in coastal waters


Project Overview: 
Samples of suspended organic matter collected in coastal waters off Oregon and Alaska will be analyzed for their lipid content in order to determine the contributions from different plankton sources.  This information will be compared to already collected data on salinity, temperature, dissolved nutrients and gases to assess the effects of hypoxia and ocean acidification on the distribution of marine organisms. 


What skills will students obtain in this project? 
Analytical skills that will be learned include solvent extractions, column chromatographic separations, use of gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer. 



Student research tasks: 

Carry out solvent extractions to recover extractable lipids from filter samples.  Use column chromatography to clean and isolate extracts.  Analyze extracts by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.  Compile lipid concentration data.


Period of work - Spring and Fall


Number of hours per week expected of student:    


Preferred Faculty Contact Information: mgoni@coas.oregonstate.edu; Tel. 541-737-0578

(note - applications are NOT sent to mentors - see instructions)


q Yes    x No:   Human Subjects 

q Yes    xNo:   Live Vertebrate Animals

q Yes    x  No:   Recombinant DNA Molecules Transgenic Plants or Animal, and/or Infectious Agents of Plants, Animals, or Humans

q Yes    x  No:   Ionizing Radiation

q Yes    x  No:   Chemical Carcinogens

q Yes    x  No:   Scuba Diving, Free Diving

q Yes    x  No:   Small Boating Operations


If you are interested in applying for this position, you MUST complete the student application HERE and email it to Dr. Kevin Ahern at ahernk@onid.orst.edu

Do NOT email your application to the faculty mentor.