Great leaders inspire.
They maintain a hopeful
attitude, even in the
face of discouraging
setbacks, constant criticism
and abundant opposition.
People don't follow
discouraged leaders.
They follow those
who persist with hope.

-Rick Warren

A Highly Motivated and Experienced Staff

The Cadre of the Department of Military Science (Army ROTC) at Oregon State University consists of Soldiers and civliians from a wide variety of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: a commitment to train Cadets to become excellent Army officers.

Every member of the cadre has been deployed at least once in a combat theater. They impart our knowledge and experience to our Cadets in order to challenge and prepare them as leaders.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Eric Larsen

Professor of Military Science

PHONE: (541) 737-6903

Major (MAJ) Jessica Dunn

Executive Officer,
Assistant Professor of Military Science

PHONE: (541) 737-6909

Major (MAJ) Mark Harriott

Executive Officer,
Assistant Professor of Military Science (WOU)

PHONE: (503) 838-8353

Master Sergeant (MSG)
Jared Ireland

Senior Military Science Instructor,
Military Science Level I Instructor

PHONE: (541) 737-8987

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Hugh Lyon

Military Science Level II Instructor, Recruiting Operations Officer, Current Operations Officer

PHONE: (541) 737-6900

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Travis Parker

Oregonstate-Cascades Military Science Instructor


Sergeant (SGT) Ryan Bosch

Military Science Instructor

PHONE: (541) 737-6901

Mr. Roy Susuico

Military Science Level III Instructor
American Military History Instructor

PHONE: (541) 737-6905

Mr. Steven Berry

Supply Technician

PHONE: (541) 737-6912

Mrs. Jennifer Owen

Human Resource Technician

PHONE: (541) 737-6902

Mrs. Cindy Rossi

Administrative Assistant

PHONE: (541) 737-3511