Train Hard Fight Easy
By Benny the Beaver

It’s time again for Benny the Beaver to answer a question from one of his readers. One reader poses the question: ″Where does the saying ‘Train hard, fight easy’ come from?” This is a great question because this slogan plays a large role in our detachment’s approach towards training. As you would expect, a slogan so well-renowned has been around for quite some time; four centuries to be exact. The man who has been accredited with these famous words is Aleksandr Suvorov. Knowing who this man was is very important in understanding the saying.

Aleksandr Suvorov was born into a noble family in Moscow on 24 November, 1729. He showed great interest in physical fitness and military tactics. Only after his stunning victories over the Turkish Army was he labeled a brilliant field commander and extraordinary leader. He was called upon to lead many other successful campaigns for Russia, such as the Second Turkish War and the crushing of the Polish revolt. He had a whole new way of waging wars based on speed and mobility. His legacy left Russia with expanded borders, renewed military prestige and a plethora of new theories on the waging of war. He has been described by his peers as the most educated man of his time and by some of his contemporaries as one of the most extraordinary men of his century. His saying “Train hard, fight easy” became a Russian proverb. This proverb has been used by militaries all over the world, including Detachment 685. To say that Aleksandr had influence over modern day Russia is an understatement.