Entering Into the Air Force ROTC: Beginning a Life as a Cadet
By: Matthew L.

My first term in Air Force ROTC started at New Student Orientation in a room surrounded by new faces. As the week progressed, those new faces turned into teammates, and through the Air Force term those teammates became my friends. My days consisted of Drill Team practice, Physical Fitness training, Leadership Laboratory, College classes, and the Arnold Air Society candidate class which made me learn the art of time management very quickly. I learned to trust my leaders in order to be a successful follower and to help my fellow teammates.

I have learned that in order to be successful in this program teamwork is crucial. I know I can depend on my classmates and my classmates know they can depend on me; we work as a cohesive unit and push each other forward every step of the way. This first Air Force term, I have learned a lot about what it takes to be an Air Force officer, and there is still so much left to learn. I trust my leaders and my teammates to teach me these things so that one day I will be standing side by side with the members of my class as we commission together into the United States Air Force.

Cadet Long was awarded Silver Talon Drill Team’s “Sharpest Talon” 2012