Develop the Best to Lead the Rest

Who we are:

Since 1949, Detachment 685 has prepared Oregon State University students for service in the US Air Force. We were recognized as one of the top ten Air Force ROTC detachments in November 2010, continuing our tradition of excellence. Our cadets excel in training, and our alumni make a profound difference every day.

What we do:

We train prospective Air Force officers for jobs including, but not limited to, pilots, navigators, doctors, engineers, scientists and nurses. Two-, three- and four-year programs are available for motivated and capable cadets. If you succeed, you will earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the best Air Force on the planet.

Detachment 685 History:

Oregon State University (OSU), located in Corvallis, Oregon, was established in 1868 and was known as "The West Point of the West" during WWII when it produced more officers than any other school in the nation except West Point. OSU's engineering programs provide a strong base for serving the Air Force's needs for technical majors. Furthermore, OSU is one of a small number of universities nationwide to host ROTC programs for all four armed services which makes for a fertile recruiting ground for those interested in military service. Air Force ROTC Detachment 685 (The Flying Beavers) was established on July 1, 1949. Detachment 685 has a strong tradition of commissioning Lieutenants with relevant leadership experience and an informed perspective.

Detachment 685 cadets become leaders through a robust Leadership Laboratory program, by taking advantage of summer programs, by participating in several joint service activities each year and by serving the local community. Detachment cadets run an extensive, optional multi-day New Student Orientation Program to acquaint new students with the Air Force and ROTC culture. The detachment's Arnold Air Society continues to set the standard for leadership and community involvement through this program. Detachment 685 is also strengthened by an alumni and local veteran base that supports the detachment in the form of endowment scholarships.

Detachment 685 has a long tradition of excellence and continues to serve the needs of the Air Force by developing and commissioning quality officer candidates. In the future, Detachment 685 will continue to focus its recruiting efforts on quality and diversity of prospective students to produce the most effective officers possible.