Wei Qiang Yang

Wei Qiang Yang
Wei Qiang Yang, Associate Professor, Berry Crops Extension Agent

Associate Professor, Berry Crops Extension Agent

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At NWREC since: February, 2001

Department: Horticulture

Duties: My responsibility is to provide leadership for the blueberry education program in the North Willamette District where the most of the state’s blueberry industry is concentrated. I also conduct applied research in blueberry production systems to support my extension activities.

Outreach and Extension

My extension activities include SWD education, field visits, giving presentations at grower meetings and field days, publishing newsletters and extension materials, and serving as editor and webmaster for the berrygrape.org website. I organize three berry events annually.

The Blueberry Conference

The Berry Day at the NWHS meeting

The Blueberry Pruning Workshop in December 

Current Research Projects 

Blueberry rootstock

  • Blueberry rootstock propagation, evaluation, and rootstock/cultivar interactions
  • TC protocol development for V. arboreum (with North American Plants LLC)
  • V. arboreum seedling field performance evaluation
  • Rootstock and cultivar interactions (with UF and UC Kearney Ag Center)

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD)

  • SWD control in berry crops
  • Insecticides deliver methods via helicopter and micro-spray system (with WSU)
  • Attractants evaluation and field sanitation in blueberries
  • Alternative row and border spray (graduate student project)
  • SWD marking and dispersal study (graduate student project)


  • Ph.D., Horticulture, Penn State University, 1999
    M.S., Horticulture, Penn State University, 1996
    B.S., Plant Physiology, Northwest University, PRC, 1986

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