Vegetables & Specialty Seed Crops

Assorted vegetable seed-mix.
Assorted vegetable seed-mix of snap bean, garden pea, pinto dry bean, winter squash, sweet corn. (Photo by Lynn Ketchum)
Ripe corn on the vine.  (Photo by Lynn Ketchum)
Ripe corn on the vine. (Photo by Lynn Ketchum)


  • OSU Vegetable Cropping Systems Program
    Works to support the economic and environmental sustainability of Oregon's vegetable farmers and farms through its research and outreach programs. Oregon Vegetables' mission is to aggregate and make searchable the best available resources relevant to commercial vegetable farmers and ag professionals in Oregon.
  • Comprehensive Automation for Specialty Crops (CASC)
    A matching grant program funded by the USDA-SCRI and industry to develop comprehensive automation strategies and technologies for the specialty crop industry, with an initial focus on apples and nursery trees.

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