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Beneficial Insects in Christmas Trees-Moving Head

This workshop is for Christmas tree growers that face constant challenges in the management of damaging insects. Ongoing research and field trials test the use of beneficial insects as part of an integrated pest management program.

The workshop will highlight results of field trials led by OSU Extension and local growers. It will also cover the latest information on methods and results from similar efforts around the world, involving use of beneficial insects in pest management.

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Best Management Practices for Christmas Tree Export, Authors: Heather Stoven, Chal Landgren, Rogg Helmuth, LaBonte James. Available in Spanish too! More information or to order.

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Christmas tree progeny trials

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Additional Resources

Past Workshop information:

Identification and Use of Beneficial Insects in Controlling Aphids in Christmas Trees

Using Beneficial Insects to Control Aphids (pdf) Chal Landgren, NWREC

Biocontrol in Field Conifers (pdf) Jana Lee, ARS/Horticultural Crops Research Unit

IPM in Christmas Trees, with an Emphasis on Aphids (pdf) Paul Jepson, OSU

Program Contacts

  • Chal Landgren, Extension Specialist—Christmas Trees
  • Judy Kowalski, Bio Science Research Technician 3—Nursery, Christmas Trees, and Specialty Crop Registrations


Identification and Use

of Beneficial Insects

 in Controlling Aphids in Christmas Trees