European pine shoot moth

Grower question: Any word on first catch of European pine shoot moth (EPSM) yet?

This is a familiar question. Every year about this time I hear it. Growers who ship pines to California, Hawaii, Montana, and Nevada must be certified as ESPM free. The ODA nursery inspectors hang traps for these moths in nurseries that ship to these states. They also check sentinel traps in several locations that have warmer conditions and generally provide the earliest catch of the moths when they do fly. I usually work with the ODA nursery program to communicate to growers about the activity of EPSM and the trap results.

But we also have another tool.  Are you familiar with using the degree day model for this pest?  It is a model that uses degree day accumulation to predict the key activities of the moth. You can customize the weather data for something close to your site, so it is nice to gage your own microclimate. I have it linked up at the website under EPSM. The model based on our site at NWREC has first catch for June 8 this year. Last year, the model predicted a catch on May 24. Last year, they caught the first European shoot moths in the sentinel traps in Jantzen beach on June 23. Looking back, most of the trap catches have been near the end of this month (in warm years) or the first 2-3 weeks of June (cool springs).