Mike Bondi

Mike Bondi, Director of Oregon State University's North Willamette Research and Extension Center. (Photo by OSU's Lynn Ketchum)
Mike Bondi, Director of Oregon State University's North Willamette Research and Extension Center. (Photo by OSU's Lynn Ketchum)

Director NWREC

Regional Administrator Clackamas Region (Region 10)

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Mike Bondi was appointed the Interim Director for the North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC) on January 1, 2011. Bondi, a long-time Extension Forestry and Christmas Tree Agent and Staff Chair at the Clackamas County Extension office, served in this role while OSU completed a statewide reorganization of administration for the Extension Service.  In August 2011, Bondi was appointed a Regional Administrator for OSU Extension and has budget, personnel, and management responsibility for the Clackamas County Extension Office and the North Willamette Research and Extension Center.  Nearly 45 faculty and staff are located at these two University locations.

Bondi began his career as an Extension Forestry Agent in Oregon in 1978 serving forest owners on the North Oregon Coast, Clatsop and Tillamook Counties.  He transferred to a similar position in Clackamas County in 1985. In Clackamas County, his education program has served family woodland owners, professional foresters, loggers, and Christmas tree growers.

Bondi is well-known as the creator of the Clackamas Tree School, a one-day landowner education program that has been bringing together 500-600 participants each year for more than 20 years. Additionally, Bondi formed the non-profit corporation, Forests Forever, Inc., that owns and manages the Hopkins Demonstration Forest, a 140-acre tree farm, near Beavercreek. This all-volunteer organization engages thousands of people each year in forest-based education and recreational activities.

Since 1999, Bondi served as the Staff Chair Administrator for all OSU Extension programs in Clackamas County, located in Oregon City. During 2007-2008, Bondi led an effort to form the Clackamas County Extension and 4-H Service District that voters approved in November 2008. The District provides a permanent and secure budget source for the Extension Service each year in the county.  As a result of the successful formation of the Extension Service District in Clackamas County, significant funding has been available to support the agricultural Extension programs managed at NWREC, too.

Since taking over the leadership of the North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Bondi has worked to increase the public’s awareness about the important role of agriculture in our lives.  New priorities have been an increased focus on media outreach, a newsletter, and events for the public and special interest groups.  Bondi has also created a Friends of NWREC organization, which contributed more than $12,000 of financial assistance during the past year. 

Bondi holds a B.S. degree in forest management from Iowa State Univeristy.  He is a former Fulbright Scholar doing his forestry graduate studies in New Zealand during the mid 1970s.  Bondi is married to Connie and has made Lake Oswego his home since 1985.  Connie and Mike have one son who is married and lives in Bend.