Arne Eide and Terje Vassdal, editors

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Volume I

Opening Session

Johannes Nakken The Fishing Industry in Norway - Policy and Management
Roar Stangnes International and regional cooperation on marine resource management
Petter Gullestad,
Sigmund Engesaeter
and Per Sandberg
The Scope for Using Economics and Other Sciences in Practical Fishery management


J.A. Afolabi
and O.A. Fagbenro
Credit Financing of Coastal Aquaculture in Nigeria
Odd Jarl Borch Competitive Advantage through Virtual Organization within Aquaculture
Rex H. Caffey
and Richard F. Kazmierczak Jr.
Developing and Using Consensus Indicators of Sustainability in Aquaculture Production
Erwan Charles
and Philippe Paquotte
Product differentiation and quality approach in the French market for oytsters and mussels
Oyedapo A. Fagbenro Coastal Aquaculture Development in Nigeria: Prospects and Potential
Atle G. Guttormsen Biological Price Generating Processes in Salmon Farming: Potential for Profitable Arbitrage
L.C. Hoffman,
D. Brink
and K. Salie
Western Cape (South Africa) small farmer aquaculture programme: Implementation and Management procedures
L.C. Hoffman,
D. Brink,
L. Van Roey
and K. Salie
Use of existing irrigation water bodies by means of aquaculture for small scale emerging farmers in South Africa: A Case study
Paula Holland
and Deborah Brown
Managing Conflict in Aquaculture - Experiences from Overseas
R. Jayaraman An Economic Analysis of Carp Culture in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, State, India
Yeping Liu Studies on Cageculture Economics in China
James F. Muir
and James A. Young
Tilapia: Can the Aquatic Chicken Fly?
L.C. Nwanna Economics of New Aquaculture Species in Nigeria
Philippe Paquotte Red-drum (Sciaenops ocellata) farming in Martinique : a new prospect for Caribbean marine aquaculture?

Bioeconomic Models

Lee G. Anderson A Closer Look at Buybacks: A Simulation Approach
Gianluigi Coppola Growth Model with Natural Capital in Fisheries
Ásgeir Daníelsson Optimal catch quotas and effort quotas in the presence of risk
N. Davila Cardenes
and J.M. Martin-Gonzalez
Analysis of Supply-Demand Equilibrium Points and Harvest Time Path in a Predator-Prey Fishery
Eucario Gasca-Leyva
and Juan Hernandez-Guerra
Bioeconomic Analysis of Gilthead Seabream (Sparus Aurata) Growth
J.M. Gates Input Management in a Trap Fishery
Rögnvaldur Hannesson Marine Reserves: What Would They Accomplish?
J. Paul Hillis,
Leif K. Sandal
and Stein I. Steinshamn
A dynamic model for efficient and equitable reduction of fishing effort
Andrew Kitts,
Eric Thunberg
and John Robertson
Modeling Participation and Bids in the Northeast U.S. Fishing Vessel Buyout Program
Rainer Klepper
and Rolf Lasch
A Simulation Model for the Measurement of Economic Impacts in Specific Fleet Sectors
Simon Mardle
and Sean Pascoe
Application of Genetic Algorithms for Solving Large Non-linear Fisheries Bioeconomic Models
Scott C. Matulich
and Murat Sever
Efficiency and Equity Implications of Alternative Quota Allocations Under Bilateral Monopoly
Vyacheslav Navrotsky Synergetic methods in bio-economic modelling
Félix García Ordaz
and Ramón JiménezToribio
A Bio-Economic Model Applied to the Striped Venus Fishery in the South-Atlantic Spanish Region and its Consecuences for the Management Policies
Gregory Valatin Non-Constant Returns To Vessel Activity, Fishermen's Objectives & Regulatory Change
Christopher Wright By-Kill in Crab Trap-Fisheries

Fisheries Management in Developing Countries

and O. Njifonjou
Commercial Fisheries and Development Logics : Cases of Cameroon and Vanuatu
Mafaniso Michael Hara Could Horse Mackerel provide a short term solution to declining fish supply in SADC Inland countries
Bjørn Hersoug
and Petter Holm
Change without redistribution - an institutional perspective on South Africa's new fisheries policy
John Kurien Small-scale Fisheries in the Context of Globalisation: Ingredients for a Secure Future
F.J. Njaya Fisheries Co-Management Programmes in Malawi: A Comparative Study for Lakes Malombe Chiuta and Chilwa
Oumarou Njifonjou The Awasha Fishing Fleet in the Cameroon Coastal Area: Profitability Analysis of the Purse Seine Units Activity
S.B. Williams
and B. Awoyomi
Fish as a Prime-Mover of Economic Life of Women in a Fishing Community
Ha XuanThong Traditional organisation of fisheries communities in Vietnam

Green labelling

Georg Blichfeldt Green labels for fish products - Consumer power vs. democracy?
Jonette N. Braathen Green Labelling - Shifting Management Power from Government to NGO's?
Eyjolfur Gudmundsson
and Cathy R. Wessells
Ecolabeling seafood for sustainable production: Implications for and Fisheries Management
Cathy Roheim Wessells Assessment of the Effectiveness of Ecolabeling as a Market-Based Approach to Sustainable Seafood Production

Investment and Productivity

Hermann Bardarson Efficiency in Norwegian Trawl Fisheries; A Nonparametric Frontier and Terje Vassdal Production Analysis
Louisa Coglan,
Sean Pascoe,
and Simon Mardle
DEA Versus Econometric Analysis of Efficiency of Demersal Trawlers in the English Channel
Bent Dreyer Uncertainty, flexibility and sustained competitive advantage: An empirical study of Norwegian fish processing industry
Anne Dubrocard
and Sylvie Thoron
Strategic Aspects in the Planning of Fishing Harbours
Arne Eide,
Frode Skjold,
Frank Olsen
and Ola Flaaten
Production Functions of the Norwegian bottom trawl fisheries of cod in the Barents Sea
Pascal Le Floc'h
and Jean-Pierre Boude
A model to study the investment behaviour in the case of a fishing firm - an evolutionary approach
Pascal Le Floc'h
and James R. Wilson
Technological Change and Exploitation on Natural Resources: An Evolutionary Research Agenda
Juan José García del Hoyo
and Inés Herrero Chacón
The Production Function in the Spanish Trawl Fleet in Moroccan and Waters
J.A. Millán An Econometric Model of the Spanish Fisheries
Nerissa D. Salayo
and Thomas Jan Voon Prawn
Measuring the Economic Benefits from Value-Adding: The Case of and Shrimp in the Philippines
Khem R. Sharma
and PingSun Leung
Technical Efficiency of the Longline Fishery in Hawaii: An Application of Stochastic Production Frontier
Ragnar Tveterås Flexible Panel Data Models for Risky Production Technologies with an Application to Salmon Aquaculture
Ragnar Tveterås
and Almas Heshmati
Patterns of Productivity Growth and Market Conditions in the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry 1985-93
Terje Vassdal
and Bent-Eirik Roland
Technical Change in the Norwegian Aquaculture Sector - a Malmquist Index Approach
Stein Østbye The Impact of Transport Barriers on Productive Performance in the Norwegian Salmon Aquaculture Industry

Management of National Resources

Mahfuzuddin Ahmed
and Rowena Andrea V. Santos
Policy Research in Fisheries: The Hirtshals Consultation
N. Aldaz
and J.A. Millán
A profit cycle analysis of the Spanish fisheries
Peder Andersen
and Jon G. Sutinen
Paying for Fishery Management. Economic Implications of Alternative Methods of Financing Management
Claire W. Armstrong
and Ussif Rashid Sumaila
Effects of an ITQ management system for the North-East Arctic cod - the case of a technological externality
Kirk T. Beiningen A Fisheries Scientist/Manager's Response to Conflicting Values that Society Places on Fisheries Resources - An Essay
Jean Boncoeur,
Bertrand Le Gallic
and Sean Pascoe
On economics performance measures for small boats derived from Le Gallic fisher surveys. Is small more profitable?

Volume II

Jean-Pierre Boude,
Jean Boncoeur
and Bertrand Le Gallic
The impact of fisheries management on the economic performance of boats and behaviour of fishermen : the case of scallop dredging in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc (ICES VIIe, France)
C.M. Brodersen,
H.F. Campbell
and C.-H.Hanf
Adjusting Fleet Size and Structure to Catch Quotas: a Mathematical Programming Model of the German North Sea and Baltic Fisheries
P.L. Clay
and B.J. Revell
Input Substitution and Conservation: A Case Study of the Effects of Policy on Fishing Effort in the Scottish Inshore Fishery
Parzival Copes The Extended Economics of an Innate Common Use Resource: The Fishery
J. Paul Hillis
and V. Wiium
Comparison of the effects of Decommissioning, Individual Quota and Mesh Regulation in restoring a depleted fishery
Alonso Ibarra,
Chris Reid
and Andy Thorpe
Non-Traditional Resource Development in Latin America: Fisheries in Peru, Chile and Mexico
Tsuyoshi Kawasaki What is "overfishing"?
Zarine Kemp
and Geoff Meaden
Towards a Comprehensive Fisheries management Information System
Anita Maurstad Technical Capacity Versus Capacity in Use - Challenges in Defining Efficient Fisheries Regulations
Rebecca Metzner Resolving User Conflicts: A Process and Tools for Facilitating Voluntary Resource Sharing
Toyokazu Naito
and Stephen Polasky
An Empirical Study of Fish Wars:The Case of the Bering Sea Donut Hole
Jesper Raakjær Nielsen Compliance and Legitimacy in Danish Fisheries Management - An analytical framework
Larissa Riabova The Last Fishing Village on the Murman Coast: Analyzing the Process of Coping
Bruce Shallard Comparative Approaches to Fisheries Management in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and the Future of the ITQ Property Rights Approach
Joseph K. Sowers
and L. Leon Geyer
Managing Coastal Land Use through Land Policy with Implications for Conservation Easements
Ronald Steenblik
and Paul Wallis
The OECD's Programme of Work in the area of Fishery Policies
Sten Sverdrup-Jensen Institutional policy issues: How to ensure sustainable governance of fisheries
Noel Taylor-Moore Diversification, Latent Effort and Adjustment of Queensland's fisheries
Diana Tingley,
Matthew Stapleton,
Martin Esseen
and Tony Seymour
The Economics of Whelk Fishing - A Predictive Model Used for Compensation
Ralph E. Townsend Application of Transferable Dynamic Stock Rights in the New England Scallop Fishery
Niels Vestergaard ITQ in a Danish Multispecies Fishery: Policy Analysis, Calibration of Fishery Models and some Short Run Results
Catherine Wallace Tradeable Quota in Practice: Decision making, Institutions and Outcomes - the New Zealand Experience over 11 years
John M. Ward
and Walter R. Keithly Jr.
Practical Implications of Property Rights Based Management Using Empirical Models of a Common Property Fishery: The Case of the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery
Christopher Wright By-Kill Consequences on Fishing Rights in Canada's Intra-National Treaty Process
Natalia Yaragina Assessment and Management of Northeast Arctic Cod: Failure or Success?

Marketing and Consumer Survey Methods

Quentin S.W. Fong
and James L. Anderson
Assessment of Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade
Sophie Girard,
Catherine Mariojouls,
Philippe Paquotte
and Claude Wisner-Bourgeois
An analysis of seafood consumer survey methods in France
Asmo Honkanen,
Jari Setälä
and Essi Eerola
Behavioural Patterns related to Finnish Fish Consumption: An Analysis of Demographic Characteristics
Henry W. Kinnucan
and Øystein Myrland
Optimal advertising levies with application to the Norway-EU Salmon agreement
Justo Manrique
and Helen H. Jensen
Spanish Household Demand for Seafood Products
Øystein Myrland,
Torbjørn Trondsen,
Richard S. Johnston
and Eiliv Lund
Determinants of Seafood Consumption Characteristics in Norway: Lifestyle and seafood experience

Supply and Demand Studies

Anssi Ahvonen Unofficial fish supply in Finland
Frank Asche,
Ola Flaaten,
John R. Isaksen
and Terje Vassdal
Derived Demand and Price Relationships: An Analysis of the Norwegian Cod Sector
Frank Asche,
Daniel V. Gordon
and Rögnvaldur Hannesson
Testing for Market Integration in the European Whitefish Market
Christopher L. Delgado
and Claude B. Courbois
Trade-offs Among Fish, Meat and Milk Demand in Developing Countries from the 1970's to the 1990's
Hamady Diop,
R. Wes Harrison
and Walter R. Keithly Jr
Performance of Shrimp Processing Plants In The Southeast Region Of The United States
Walter R. Keithly Jr.
and Assane Diagne
An International Import Demand and Export Supply Model for Shrimp and Impacts of Changes in World Production on the U.S. Dockside Price
Alan Kirman
and Nicolas J. Vriend
Evolving Market Structure: A Model of Price Dispersion and Loyalty for the Marseille Fish Market
J.A. Millan
and N. Aldaz
An analysis of demand for fresh and frozen fish species in Spain
Øystein Myrland
and Terje Vassdal
Import Demand for Seafood in the UK
Jari Setälä
and Asmo Honkanen
Does effective chilling increase the profitability of fishing? A case study of Finnish trawlers
Frode Steen,
Frank Asche
and Kjell G. Salvanes
The supply of salmon in EU: A Norwegian aggregated supply curve

Trade Policy

Ingolfur Arnarson
and Torbjørn Trondsen
Value Adding in the First Hand Sales of Fish. A Comparison between Contract-, and Auction Market Prices. A Descriptive Analyses of the Icelandic Case
P. Graham,
N. Klijn,
A. Cox,
A. Stokes
and J. Hartmann
Modelling Seafood Trade in the APEC Region
P. Guillotreau,
N. Peridy
and P. Bernard
The Impact of Prices and Trade Barriers on the European Trade of Seafood Products. A panel data model
Jason Lemieux,
Lewis E. Queirolo
and Richard S. Johnston
Restricting Trade in Resource Access: Consequences for Foreign Direct Investment in Seafood Processing
Carl-Erik Schulz Trade Policy and Management of Competing Renewable Marine Resources

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