Membership is open to any individual, from any professional background, and from any country. All that is required is an interest in some aspect of fisheries or aquaculture economics, and the payment of an annual fee. Just print out and mail or fax the membership application form (please click on the "Application" link in the menu on the left side of the screen). Please note that this form should not be e-mailed with any credit card information included! Organizations and corporations may also become members.

Individual memberships are provided on a calendar year basis. Benefits include the semiannual IIFET Newsletter, being listed in and having access to the IIFET Membership Directory, discounted registration fees at our conferences, and membership in the IIFET Electronic List.

Institutional and Corporate members may name up to four representatives who receive all individual membership benefits mentioned above. In addition, they are listed in the institutional member listing in the Membership Directory, may receive the membership database in mailing label form (on request), may receive additional copies of the Newsletter, may provide information for publication in the Newsletter, and receive reduced prices on the very limited advertising allowed in our newsletter. 

Other benefits to joining IIFET are less tangible but perhaps more important. Joining gives you access to the only organization which focuses exclusively on fisheries and aquaculture economics issues, in every corner of the globe. Members find the professional contacts and interaction provided by our activities absolutely invaluable. Those who are isolated in countries or institutions with few other fisheries economists, as well as those in larger institutions who seek international contacts, need the peer interaction provided by IIFET. Our academics value the opportunity to learn from industry members, while government fisheries managers appreciate the opportunities to learn about research and fisheries outcomes from around the world, all in one place. We actively encourage you to expand and benefit from our network, by becoming a member. (Please note: If payment of the membership fee provides a serious obstacle to you, please contact the IIFET Secretariat.)

Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be given an opportunity to subscribe to the Marine Resource Economics Journal. Look for an optional subscription form with your welcome packet.

Members Only: Access our online membership directory and Online Newsletter. Do you need a blank bill for this year? One is available here: Blank Bill. Please send us directory updates, corrections or additions.

If you have any questions about IIFET, its goals or activities, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Ann L. Shriver (Executive Director) or Kara Keenan, IIFET Assistant, or call (541) 737-1439.