First Prize: Stephen Kasperski with Dr. Daniel Holland, NOAA, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, USA Fishery Income Diversification and Risk for Fishermen and Fishing Communities of the US West Coast and Alaska
First Prize: Rodney Beard, Groupe Sup de Co, France, and Linda Nøstbakken, University of Alberta School of Business, Canada, GMulti-Jurisdiction Quota Enforcement for Transboundary Renewable Resources
First Prize: Christophe Bene and Rebecca Lawson, WorldFish Center - Regional Offices for Africa, Egypt Global Change in African Fish Trade: Engine of Development or Threat to Local Food Security?
Honorable Mention: Vincent Martinet, INRA, France; and Olivier Thebaud, IFREMER, France, Achieving Sustainable Fisheries: Gradually or Abruptly?
Honorable Mention: Chris Costello, Steven Gaines, and John Lynham, University of California Santa Barbara, USA Can Secure Access Prevent Fisheries Collapse?