Dr. Reinaldo Cooke



Dr. Reinaldo Cooke grew up in a medium-sized town surrounded by large citrus, sugarcane, and cow-calf operations in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. He received a B.S. degree in Animal Sciences from the São Paulo State University in December 2003, and moved to the US in the fall of 2004 to attend graduate school. Reinaldo received both M.Sc. (May 2006) and Ph. D. (December 2008) degrees in Animal Sciences from the University of Florida. In January 2009, Reinaldo joined Oregon State University.  He is currently an Associate Professor, stationed at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center in Burns, OR. Reinaldo is the statewide beef cattle specialist, and leads an integrated research and extension program with the goal of providing feasible management alternatives to promote and enhance beef cattle production in the state and throughout the US.


Within his extension program, Reinaldo organizes statewide efforts such as the Beef Extension Forage Evaluation Program, the OSU - Calving School, and the EOARC – Beef Cattle Field Day. Reinaldo is also responsible for the Beef Cattle Sciences website (http://beefcattle.ans.oregonstate.edu), which contains information about statewide and local extension efforts, as well as extension publications that he manages, such as the Beef Cattle Library and the Beef Research Reports. Reinaldo also works closely with local extension faculty, collaborating in local extension events as well as providing in-service training programs. Regarding inter-state extension efforts, Reinaldo serves as co-chair in the reproduction section of the Cow-Calf Management Guide & Cattle Producer's Library, a producer-oriented peer-reviewed publication developed by the Western Beef Resource Committee.

In 2016, Reinaldo was the winner of the Western Section American Society of Animal Science (WSASAS) Young Scientist Award as well as the being the recipient of the F.E. Price/Agricultural Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research from Oregon State University College of Agricultural Science.


Reinaldo leads an active research program focused on management strategies to improve the productivity of forage-based cow-calf operations. More specifically, Reinaldo’s research efforts are directed toward three main areas:


-    Cattle behavior and its effects of production

-    Nutritional and management strategies to enhance health in beef cattle

-    Nutritional and management strategies to enhance reproduction of the cowherd


Within his research program, Reinaldo runs the physiology lab at the EOARC – Burns, and mentors graduate students and undergraduate interns. Reinaldo also collaborates extensively with scientists within the OSU system and other US institutions, as well as researchers and industry personnel in Brazil. Reinaldo is an active member of the multi-state research group W-1173 - Stress Factors of Farm Animals and Their Effects on Performance, and a reviewer for several refereed scientific journals, such as Journal of Animal Sciences, Journal of Dairy Sciences, Theriogenology, and Meat Science.


For more information about Reinaldo’s program, do not hesitate in contacting him at the EOARC (541-573-4083 or reinaldo.cooke@oregonstate.edu). For a list of current and past research/extension efforts, please download his current CV.

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