Tiny MCE

What is a base URL?

A base URL is the consistent part of your web address.

For example, throughout this CWS Training site, you'll note that the address section http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training always appears in the address bar.  This is the base URL.  Everything that follows it is known as a URL path.

To find the base URL of your website, go to the site's front page.  What you see in the address bar on your site's front page is the base URL of your website.

Why won't text wrap around my picture?

This is typically do to the Input format selection.  To wrap text around an object such as an image, media player, or table, a float must be applied.  For a float to work, the Input format on the content submission form must be set to Full HTML.

How do I add an image to a node?

Before You Start...

You will want to ensure that your images are properly prepared.

  • No spaces in file name.
  • Image is optimized for the web.

How do I link a file to text in OSU Drupal?

Before You Start...

You will want to ensure that your file is properly prepared.

  • No spaces in file name.

How do I edit a link to a file in OSU Drupal?

Before You Start...

Before linking a file, you will want to ensure that your file is properly prepared.

  • No spaces in file name

Why are my style settings not working?

If you have set styles either through the Edit CSS Style tool, or by hand in the HTML source, and the style changes are not displaying, this is probably due to the Input Format setting that is being used.

To display CSS style changes in content, the Input Format setting must be set to Full HTML.

How do I add a Facebook "Like Box" Plugin to my page?

The Like Box plugin, supplied by Facebook, allows web page contributors to embed a live stream of their Facebook page into a webpage.  Additionally, audience members can then choose to "Like" the stream topic.

This plug-in can be found by visiting the Facebook Like Box web page, which is part of the Facebook Social Media Plugins collection.

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How do I upload files into Drupal?

There are actually two different ways a user can upload files into an OSU Drupal site:

  • Via My Account
  • Via any linking tool used in the TinyMCE text editor

How do I embed a PDF file into a Drupal node?

It is possible to embed a pdf so that the pdf is actually a viewable graphical object versus just a link.  Unfortunately this method requires that the PHP Input Format is used, which means:

  • Authors will not be able to edit this content - either an Advanced Author or Administrator must
  • The rich text editor will not be available for use on future edits so whomever edits this content would have to understand HTML, at a minimum.

To embed a file, it must first be available within the file browser.  Please refer to the FAQ How Do I Upload Files Into Drupal, provided below, for instructions on how the different ways to upload a file into your file browser.

How do I embed a Google map?

The Google map embed code that is provided in the Link feature of Google maps contains iframe tags.  The iframe tag creates an inline frame that contains another document.

In terms of standards compliance, use of iframes is actually a rather hotly contested topic.  Some bad things can happen with iframes including the illicit injection of code into a webpage.  Additionally the iframe tag is invalid in both Strict Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and XHTML version 1.1.

The Tiny MCE text editor used in our OSU Drupal installation does not work with iframes.