How do I change a block title?

A block title is a basic block configuration that can be changed for any default Drupal block.  You can use the default block title, use a different block title of your choice, or hide the block title altogether.

How do I set up the Feature Story in OSU Standard?

The Feature Story is an attractive content display intended for the front page of an OSU Drupal site using the OSU Standard theme. This feature includes the following:

  • A large, summary view rotating block for the front page, that is linked to the full story.
  • A smaller, summary block that randomly reloads stories and can be displayed nicely in the middle sidebar.

How do I add the OSU Event Calendar to my Drupal Site?

Events from the OSU Events Calendar can now be easily pulled into your Drupal site using a custom CWS module called Feeds Display.

How can I restrict a menu block?

The most straightforward way to restrict any block in Drupal is to configure it through the block's control panel.

Can I restrict access to certain pieces of content in my site?

Our current system does not allow for true content access restriction at any role.  The only real limit you can put in place is the ability to create or edit specific content types.  Viewing published content is not a granular permission. There are some methods provided here, though, that will allow the ability to, for example, hide menus from a role.  It doesn't restrict the content, it just restricts the path to the content.

How can I have a block show on just the front page?

All Drupal blocks are capable of having some very basic configurations applied to them.  One of these basic configurations is the Page Visibility Setting.  This setting, which is found in every block configuration panel, will allow you to place blocks on a node, or nodes, of your choice.