How do I embed a Google calendar in my Drupal site?

A Google calendar can be easily embedded into your Drupal site.  Before doing this, though, you must have an available Google calendar.  To create a Google calendar, please refer to Google's Calendar help instructions.  After creating a Google calendar, just use the instructions below to embed it into your Drupal site.


Click on any image to view a lightbox version of this instruction set.

Step 1 OSU Instructional Image Log in to your Google account and click on Calendar in the top menu.
Step 2 OSU Instructional Image Inside of the Google calendar, in the left sidebar, click on My Calendar > Settings.
Step 3 OSU Instructional Image On the Settings panel, click on the "Share this Calendar" link.
Step 4 OSU Instructional Image Inside the Calendar Sharing panel, check the "Make this Calendar Public" checkbox and save the settings.
Step 5 OSU Instructional Image Once you return to the Calendar Settings panel, click the name of your calendar.
Step 6 OSU Instructional Image On the Details panel, locate the embed code and copy it.
Step 7 OSU Instructional Image In your Drupal site, go to Admin menu > Create content > Page and add a title in the Title field.
Step 8 OSU Instructional Image Change the Input format to PHP. Note, this must stay set at PHP from this point onward.
Step 9 OSU Instructional Image Paste the code in. Once pasted, locate the width setting in the code and change it from 800 to 700, then click Save.
Step 10 OSU Instructional Image The completed calendar appears within your node.