How do I change a block title?

A block title is a basic block configuration that can be changed for any default Drupal block.  You can use the default block title, use a different block title of your choice, or hide the block title altogether.

To change the title on a Drupal block, do the following:

  1. In your Admin menu, go to Site building > Blocks
  2. Locate the name of the block in the list (you might find it easiest to do an on-screen search by pressing your Ctrl and F keys simultaneously, then entering the title of the block in the little search box that appears)
  3. Once you've located the block, click on its configure link
  4. In the Block title field, enter the desired name of your block.  If you wish to hide the block enter <none> (exactly as shown with the lowercase letters and the <> characters)
  5. Click the Save block button - you will be returned back to the main Block manager screen
  6. If your block is in the Disabled group, make sure to put it in a desired region and click the Save blocks button to enable it