Google Analytics

google analytics text with small chart imageGoogle Analytics is an efficient, user friendly, and free web analytics tool.

Google Analytics requires that an account be set up and managed in Google.  After the account is created, a special code is provided to the account user which can then embedded into a website.  Central Web Services does not create or manage these accounts for you. However, Interactive Communications here on Campus does manage a centralized group of Google Analytics profiles, if you don't want to create and manage your own. An additional benifit to this solution is the centralized access to your department or campus group's analytics profile. In the event someone managing the account moved to another office on campus or left the university, continuing to have access or make updates to your profile is possible.

If you are currently working on a non-OSU Drupal website, it's your responsibility to add your own Google Analytics code.

If you're using OSU Drupal, though, Google Analytics code has been included within the system.  The results of this tracking span all of oregonstate.edu, so a drill-down is required to get the information for your specific site.

The OSU Doug Fir theme, in OSU Drupal, includes a configuration in the theme settings that allows you to put your own Google Analytics code into your site.  A similar feature also exists in the OSU Wordpress installation at blogs.oregonstate.edu.  This means you won't have to drill down through oregonstate.edu to get your results for your site, but it also means that there will be external account maintenance required.

Read on to find out more about each of the available Google analytics methods.