Change Book Page Auto Navigation Display

When a site makes use of the Drupal core Book module, one of the features of this module is the automatic display of navigational items that appear on the bottom of the book page.

full screen view of drupal node with auto book navigation at bottom

For parent book pages, a table of contents related to its child items are displayed.

For all book pages a "Previous, Next, and Up" navigation feature is included, which allows the audience to easily navigate through pages and sections of the book.

This feature is a normal, default feature of the Book module.

OSU Standard contains a toggle that provides site administrators the ability to turn this display off, if desired.  To toggle this feature off, simply do the following:

  1. Go to Admin menu > Site building > Themes > OSU Standard configure link.
  2. Once on the OSU Standard configuration panel, scroll down to the OSU Theme Options fieldset and check the Hide the book navigation links checkbox.
  3. Click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the screen.

steps to toggle the book navigation display off

From this point on, the automated book navigation at the bottom of the book page content will not display.