Export Vocabularies

Drupal's Taxonomy feature has been extended with the Taxonomy CSV module to provide the ability to export vocabularies, which can then be imported to other sites.  This is a tremendous time saver, especially for administrators who oversee multiple sites that need a similar information architecture structure.

Taxonomy CSV offers many different export options and requires different input for the types of vocabularies you are trying to export.  Following is an example of a relatively simple, flat (non-hierarchical) vocabulary export:

Go to Admin menu > Content management > Taxonomy > CSV export.

In the 1. What do you want to export? fieldset, select the desired items you wish to export from the CSV format field.  There are several options, some more complex than others.  The Term names option is the default.  Also select the vocabulary, or vocabularies, that you would like to export from the Vocabulary to export field.

vocabulary export page "what do you want to export" fieldset

The default settings in the 2. How do you want to format your CSV file? fieldset should suffice for most cases.

"how do you want to formate your csv file" fieldset with available options

The 3. Advanced and specific options fieldset contains options that will allow you to affect the order that terms are output.  The default settings should suffice unless a different order is preferred.  When completed, click the Export button at the bottom of the page.

"advanced and specific options fieldset and content

The screen will indicate that it is processing the data for a few seconds.  When completed, a small status report with a yellow background will show at the top of the screen.

completed export with status message at top of screen - click on file name to view export file

A file download dialog box will appear.  Save the file to your computer.

file download ddialog box with option to save export file