Create a University News and Research Communications News Feed

University News and Research Communications, housed under OSU's University Relations and Marketing, is the primary office for media relations and campus communications at Oregon State University.  You've probably seen the efforts of their work on the OSU Home Page, through OSU Today, or in the categorized feeds that are displayed on college home pages.

Now, using Feeds Display, you can include UNRC news on your site as well, complete with thumbnail images.

To create a University News and Research Communications news feed, just do the following:

First you might want to take a look at what UNRC has to offer in terms of news categories.   You can do this by visiting their RSS Feeds page in their website.

Locate a feed of interest and click on the link.

university news and research communications rss feed distribution page

The feed doesn't look like much, and this is normal. What we're interested in is the very last part of the feed's url.  Copy that by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl + C (PC) or Command + C (Mac).

unrc feed page for food and drink tag

In your Drupal site, go to Admin menu > Content management > Create content > Feed.  This will open up the Feed content submission form.

From The type of feed field, select OSU News.  This will automatically populate the other fields with some default settings that you can change to customize the feed.

feed content submission form with osu news option selected

Change the Block Title, if desired.

In the URL of your feed field, directly after the word "feed' type a forward slash and paste the contents of your clipboard after the slash.

In the Number of items to display field, adjust how many feed items you want to show.

Click the Save button.

add unrc tag to feed

Your completed content won't look like much.  This is normal.

completed news feed node displays with no fields

Once the content has saved, you will need to go into the Blocks manager at Admin menu > Site building > Blocks.  The Feeds Display module has created and pre-configured a new block for you...now all you need to do is put it in a region.  If you're using OSU Standard, as shown in the example, you can put it in the Events or News region, which is set up to display two or more blocks in a split column display.  If you're using OSU Confident, you may, instead, choose to put your block in a sidebar.

new block moved to news feed region in block manager

Once your block has been placed in a region, don't forget to click the Save blocks button at the bottom of the page.  (For more detailed information about working with blocks, please visit the Blocks section in this manual.)

A quick visit to your front page will now show your new News Feed block, which also displays the default OSU Thumbnail seen from UNRC.

completed news feed block on front page