General Block Configuration


All blocks have some very basic configurations that can be used to customize either the title or the visibility of the block.  Following is an example of a basic block configuration panel.

General Block Configuration Components
basic block configuration panel components

General Configuration Options

  • Block title field
    • If nothing is entered in this field, the default title of the block, which is seen in the Blocks manager page, will be used.
    • A different name can be put in this field, if desired.
    • If no title is desired, enter <none>.  This must be entered exactly as shown with the <> around the word 'none' - all in lower case letters.
  • User specific visibility settings fieldset
    • This controls whether or not the user has any control over the display of the block.  If user-based block visibility is allowed, the controls for it are displayed on the user's account page.
  • Role specific visibility settings fieldset
    • This controls which roles are allowed to view the block.  If nothing is selected, then all roles, including anonymous users, will be able to view the block.
    • Please note that the visibility only relates to the block and the contents within the specific block.  It does not control access to the actual content that may be linked to the items within the block.
  • Page specific visibility settings fieldset
    • This controls where the block shows up in your site.  It's a very flexible tool.  The block can be set up to Show on every page except the listed pages, Show on only the listed pages, or Show based on some condition determined by the use of PHP code.
    • URL structure plays a big part in the success of this tool.  Using wildcards, blocks can be set up to show across entire ranges of content if the URL path is constructed logically.  For example, if you have a group of "people" content where the path starts with people/, such as people/john-doe, people/jane-foo, etc, you can set the block up to show on all nodes that have this URL structure by entering people* in the Pages fields.

Enhanced Block Configurations

Many blocks that are generated by the addition of modules to the system may have extra configuration options that you can set up for additional control over the display of a particular block. The Glossary:Random block is shown as an example below.  Note that it still has all of the general block configuration options, but it also has some additional ones at the top of the panel.  If there are blocks that have enhanced configurations, they will be detailed in their respective module sections within this book.

glossary:random enhanced block configuration panel