OSU Drupal 6

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OSU Drupal 6 was brought on-line in April of 2009 as a collaborative effort between Central Web Services, which handles the engineering side of the system, and WebComm, which handles the visual and content design side of the system.

When we first upgraded to OSU Drupal 6, Central Web Services had slightly over 200 Drupal sites hosted on its servers.  Three years later, we've seen this number rise to over 1000 sites split between production, development, and training environments.

That's a lot of sites. 

A large part of Drupal's success at OSU over the past few years is due to strong improvements in fundamental elements such as menu workflow, as well as steady improvements and feature additions in key contributed modules such as Views and CCK.

Continual improvement is a goal not only in the Drupal community, but with both CWS and WebComm as well. Between the steady addition of well-received, high-powered modules, the evolution of attractive and highly functional themes, and the addition of dedicated programming and training resources, we seek to provide the OSU community with a full package that helps our users distribute their information in an efficient and coordinated manner.

This chapter in the Drupal Deep Dive book is dedicated to detailed technical articles related to components in our OSU Drupal 6 installation.