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FY11 Strategy

FY11 CWS Strategic Goals

July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011

CWS seeks to build a sustainable model for systems, web presence, web services and web application development for Oregon State University following the guiding principles established:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Client Focused
  3. Campus Focused
  4. Outcome Focused
  5. Transparent Technology
  6. Innovative
  7. Quality Focused

We remain focused on:

  • Cost effective and efficient programming capabilities for small to large scale web development
  • Open Source Community development consumption, participation and return
  • Collaboration with OSU and institutions abroad to seek better efficiencies at a wider scale
  • Commercial and open source solutions, infrastructure, and support to serve OSU
  • Technology capabilities to meet current and growing needs
  • Service to each other:  Mentoring, Professional Development, Collaboration, Training, and Education
  • Web Services to meet the needs of our collective strategies
  • Service Oriented Architecture for Web Applications, to integrate with backend systems housed by various entities on campus (eg.  Banner web services)
  • Systems and hardware that are focused on effective costs (the right hardware for the solution), security, ease of management, reliability, redundancy, efficiencies and isolation levels

CWS Mission Statement

We will accomplish our strategic goals through:

  • Focusing on our strategy
  • Understanding how CWS works:  The needs of the clients, the needs of the business, and the best processes that help us run better
  • Hosted Central Solutions to meet needs of OSU such as Drupal, Wordpress, Web Media Service, and other future solutions
  • Linux Hosting Infrastructure and Security
  • A robust Mobile Presence and Development:  m.oregonstate.edu
  • Robust Search Capabilities:  Google Search Appliance
  • Tool efficiencies and development for CWS and Clients:  Redmine, custom plugins or tools kept up to date for changing technologies
  • Small, Medium, Enterprise Linux Based Web Application Development, planned and managed for rapid development
  • Continuous Training, both internal and for OSU in various modalities:  video, live class, audio, self-help
  • Continuous development, technical and professional
  • Customer Support and Satisfaction
  • Focusing on the changing face of technology and the changing face of OSU
  • Focusing on the Guiding Principles


  • Vision, Value and Visibility

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