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Urchin Profiling Not Functional

Currently, CWS is investigating an Urchin profile processing issue where logs are not being processed. 

What does it mean to you if you have an Urchin profile?  Data presented may not be accurate for totals, and some days may not have data associated with it, so looking at aggregate totals will not reflect actuals.

Does this mean our data is gone?  No, the master logs which we pull from are still available, and we will have to reprocess and rerun the profiles.

How long will this take?  Reprocessing can take a couple of days, but prior to reprocessing, we have to determine the root cause of the log processing failure.  We will post another announcement when the issue is resolved and logs have been reprocessed.

How many logs will you have to reprocess?  It may be we will need to reprocess 2009 and 2010 in its enitrety to reflect accurate year totals.  We have yet to determine this.

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