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OSU Drupal 6.14 and 5.20

All of the development Drupal 5 and 6 websites have been updated to the latest version of OSU Drupal.  We will be pushing the changes to production websites on Wednesday (9/30/2009) evening.

This upgrade includes the following updates to Drupal 6:

  • Upgrade to Drupal 6.14
  • Fix Cache Router unlink issue
  • Fix display issue with embedded videos and Nice Menus (for all newly added videos)
  • Fix glossary links
  • Upgrade TinyMCE to 3.2.7
  • Upgraded Drupal Modules to the latest version - Date (2.4), Cache Router (1.0-rc1), EMField (1.4), and Site Map (1.1)
  • Various CSS fixes for OSU Orange and OSU Grey 
    • This includes the much requested increase in font size for OSU Grey Navigation

We will also upgrade all Drupal 5 sites to Drupal 5.20.

If you have any issues with the upgrade, please contact CWS at

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