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January OSU Drupal 6.20 Update

CWS is pushing updates to Drupal 6 development sites this week.  Our plan is to release these changes to the production websites next week.

Drupal 6 updates include:

  • Upgrading Drupal core to version 6.20
  • New OSU  Top-Hat OSUConfident, OSU Grey
  • OSU Standard had minor bug fixes
  • Updates to modules
    • Bibliogrpahy
    • CCK
    • Date
    • Embedded Media
    • Filefiled
    • Image API
    • ImageField
    • jQuery UI
    • Path Redirect
    • Pathauto
    • Token
    • Views
    • Views Carousel
    • Wysiwyg

If you have any issues on your development site, please let us know at http://oregonstate.edu/cws/contact

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