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Drupal release update Tuesday Sept. 13

On Tuesday September 13 Central Web Services will be updating the OSU Drupal production sites to the latest version.We're excited to offer this release as it contains important new functionality for OSU Drupal sites. This release includes:

An update to the OSU Standard theme

We have made some changes to the OSU Standard theme to better comply with the accessibility guidelines as recommended by Disability Access Services. Areas that had a grey background will now have a white background. We have also made the orange text a little darker to stand out better, and changed the footer links to white. These changes increase the contrast between the text and background colors making your site more readable for everyone.

OSU Standard theme screenshot

Old OSU Standard

OSU Standard theme screenshot

New OSU Standard


Other Theme Updates

Moving forward all new OSU Drupal sites that are installed will only come with the OSU Standard and OSU Confident themes. If you are currently using one of the older pre-installed themes (Garland, Minnelli, OSU Grey, OSU Orange, OSU Linen, OSU Lite, OSU Orange, Zen), your site will not break and you will continue to see all of the themes listed like you have in the past at Admin menu > Site building > Themes. However, if you switch your theme to OSU Standard or OSU Confident, you will no longer see the other themes listed and consequently you will not be able to switch back to one of the older themes. If your site is using a custom theme, it will still be available to you in the theme menu. You will be able to switch between your custom theme and OSU Confident or OSU Standard, and your custom theme will still be available in the theme menu.

A sample webform

An Example Webform


We have had many requests from people to provide an easy way to create forms, like surveys, on their Drupal sites. With this update you will now have a way to do this without any need for programming expertise on your end. Please see the documentation on creating webforms before jumping into this to ensure a smooth experience.


Currently when you put pictures on your site, it's very important that the images are scaled to the exact dimensions you need to display them correctly. With ImageCache you can set up preset sizes and it will scale the image accordingly. You still need to make sure the file size is not too large, but you no longer need to scale each of your images to the exact size. Another great feature is that you can also display the same image in different sizes on different parts of your site.

Announcements update

The Announcements module provides an easy way to provide dated updates on your website. Announcements have always had a start and expire date, but what if you wanted one to continue to display after the expire date? We have now added a "do not expire" checkbox so you can do just that. We have also updated the way the announcements are displayed so that they match the other elements of OSU Standard a little better.


This will not have any immediate impact on your site but will make it easier for us to roll out new 'features' like the Feature Story, or People Profile, to new and existing sites, and provide more functionality right out of the box for new sites.  Stay tuned for more about the Features module as it will allow us to provide the OSU community some really excellent tools that will help make your web publishing life a little easier (and maybe even fun as well!).


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