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Ashley Juan

Celebrating heritage and community

Peer Facilitator Ashley Juan is excited to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Oregon State.

Current Students

Turn yourself into a leader

Want to make yourself — and our world — better? Start here. Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI) offers opportunities to develop your leadership, teamwork and communication skills while driving positive social change though civic engagement, sustainable practices and multicultural learning.

Connect to your community

A large university seems much smaller when there are so many places you can belong. The Student Events and Activities Center (SEAC) enhances the college experience through campus traditions, cultural programs, student organizations, global engagement and social justice.

Academic Calendar


Last day to withdraw from a course.


Memorial Day.


End of spring term.

Celebrate our diversity

We’re all unique — and embracing those differences builds a stronger, more vibrant and inclusive community. Diversity and Cultural Engagement (DCE) promotes social equality, cross-cultural fluency and self-confidence through a variety of programs and initiatives. With seven cultural resource centers across campus, everyone can discover other cultures and share something from their own.

Tap into resources

It’s not about if you succeed, but when you succeed. And there are plenty of resources to make sure it happens — in the classroom and beyond. Tutoring and academic support, health and wellness services, student life programs and more — it’s all here to help you make your college experience everything you want it to be.