Things to Remember


  • Talk to others who have experienced the loss.
  • Speak of the meaning of the loss to you, the ways in which you will miss the deceased.
  • Seek support directly from those that are able to give it.
  • Stay with a routine, stick to a schedule, even if you feel you are just going through the motions.
  • Recognize the feelings for what they are rather than why they are. Knowing what the feeling is can help in dealing with it.
  • Use writing, art, and music to let out your feelings and thoughts.
  • Be forgiving and patient with yourself. It is okay to make mistakes or lose your concentration.
  • Be good to yourself. Take the rest you need, the walk you enjoy, the gift you would like.
  • Give yourself time. Time does heal, but how long it takes is an individual thing.
  • Seek guidance from a source that can offer you both wisdom and empathy.

Do Not:

  • Try to make major life decisions too quickly.
  • Numb your pain with depressive chemicals such as alcohol or other drugs.
  • Deny your feelings.
  • Isolate or hide out from others.
  • Expect everyday to get better. Accept the ups and downs.


If your distress is persistent and is disrupting your life and your ability to carry on basic functions, seek help! Click here for information on how to make an appointment.

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