OSU Mental Health Initiative

You deserve to Flourish.    

written by Aaron Shultz, MA candidate, OSU

                                     As a community, we deserve to flourish together.

Measured by three symptoms, flourishing takes:
Social well-being
Emotional well-being
Psychological well-being

Flourishing is a team effort and we’re here to help. CAPS’ Mental Health Initiative is a campus wide effort to increase the personal and community level of mental health at OSU.

So how do you know if you or a friend is flourishing? Ask yourself, “Are you satisfied with your life?”

Don’t worry if the answer is no. According to a 2002 study by Corey Keyes 80% of people are not flourishing. Seriously, don’t worry, because…

You have the power to change,

You have the power to flourish in life.

Begin by making small changes like this –

Drink a glass of water, go for a walk, call a good friend and say hi, write bad poetry, sing in the shower, or take

And, seek out help.

CAPS has a variety of tools to help you flourish, to help you create positive and sustainable change in your life. Because flourishing isn’t just feeling about good, flourishing also protects you against everything from the blahs to depression.

Where to find relief:

Mind Spa
Active Minds Student Group
Make an Appointment with CAPS
Healthy Campus Initiative


Other Important Links:

Results of the 2013 Healty Minds Study (ONID username and password required)

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(Keyes, Corey L.M. "The Mental Health Continuum: From Languishing to Flourishing in Life." Journal of Health and Social Research 43. June (2002): 207-22. Print.)