CAPS Student Advisory Board

The CAPS Advisory Board recruits new members during the spring term.  Additional information will be posted at that time. Click here for frequently asked questions which may help you to decide whether serving on the advisory board is a good fit for you.


2013-2014 CAPS Student Advisory Board

Jackie Alvarez, CAPS Director/Ex-Officio

Andrea Barbu

Ku-Huan Chien

Dakota Cloud

Sonia Contreras, SIFC Liaison

Robyn Craner

Dave Downing, Co-Chair

Rachel Grisham

Michele Lynam, Professional Faculty

Sarah McCracken, Secretary

Genna Reeves-DeArmond, Faculty

Christian Sinnott

Emily Sokoloff

Lauren Stoddard

Reggie Williams

Joshua Willmarth, Co-Chair

Consultation and Referral: To Whom and How?




How to Build Community After a Violent Tragic Event

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Referral Signs

If the student  . . .

  1. Has excessive class/work absences
  2. Begins doing worse in class or not attending to daily job tasks
  3. Shows poor emotional control
  4. Has excessive moodiness or worrying
  5. Has sleeping and/or eating habits that change dramatically
  6. Shows unusual concern about personal health
  7. Has persistent depression
  8. Talks openly about suicide
  9. Engages in consistent risky behavior

When you or other staff or faculty are . . .

  1. Cutting meetings or missing obligations to be with this person
  2. Thinking and worrying a lot about this person
  3. Not sure what you should do
  4. When “helping” interferes with your getting your work finished or your obligations met

Ask yourself . . .

  1. Is this student’s behavior distressingly out of the ordinary?
  2. Is this beyond my skill level?
  3. Is the behavior getting worse?
  4. Does the behavior place anyone at risk?
  5. Am I feeling like I want to talk with someone about my observations and concerns?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, seek assistance and/or consult with a colleague.

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What Can You Do As OSU Community Leaders?

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