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Writing 224 Introduction to Fiction Writing

In this course, we will explore creative fiction by discussing and analyzing short stories (both classic and contemporary, both student generated and published).   The majority of the class will focus on student work, as each student will complete five creative exercises, and as each student will workshop one of these exercises.  In addition to the creative work, students will write critique letters for peers, participate in workshops, submit a revision of a workshopped exercise, and give a short presentation on an element of craft. 

Writing 330 Understanding Grammar

Writing II Baccalaureate Core Student Learning Outcomes:
• Apply multiple theories, concepts, and techniques for creating and evaluating written communication
• Write effectively for diverse audiences within a specific area or discipline using appropriate standards and conventions
• Apply critical thinking to writing and writing process, including revision

Additionally, as a 300-level course, this course will require significant student practice, discussion, and evaluation.  In this course, we will:
• Gain understanding and appreciation of language, form, and style
• Focus on relevant theory, concepts, and techniques for understanding grammatically correct communication
• Consider the guidelines that determine effective communication within a specific area or discipline, including conventions of that field, and examine the link between grammatical “correctness” and power

Through a variety of learning activities, you will demonstrate that you:
• Are able to recognize and use a range of sentence structures and punctuate them correctly
• Are able to compose rhetorically effective and grammatically correct sentences
• Have the vocabulary to think about and discuss language, especially the structure of sentences
• Are able to recognize and avoid the twenty most common errors in your writing
• Are able to think critically about rhetorical choices in grammar and syntax based on purpose and audience
• Understand language differences, including ethnic, international, and disciplinary differences
• Understand ways that language usage and correctness connect with issues of power in our culture
• Are able to analyze your own style and syntax
• Are capable of effectively revising and editing / proofreading your own writing

You will learn through reading assignments, homework completion, class discussions, two short formal papers, and two exams.  Completing all assignments will be essential for your success in this course.

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