The George and Dorothy Carson Memorial Lecture Series


For over 30 years, the George and Dorothy Carson Lecture Series
has brought internationally renowned scholars to OSU.

* * *

The George and Dorothy Carson History Lecture is made possible by
a private endowment founded in honor of the late George Carson, for many years
professor of Russian history at Oregon State University, and his wife Dorothy.

Silencing the Past

Silencing the Past:
On Imperious Historical Categories

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra


The Future of Syria

The Future of Syria

Joshua Landis


 Spectator at the Feast

Spectator at the Feast:
Christian Views of Muslim Food Traditions
in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Olivia Remie Constable


 The Coins on Vermeer’s Table: Dutch Merchants, Chinese Manufacturers, and the Birth of Global Trade

The Coins on Vermeer’s Table:
Dutch Merchants, Chinese Manufacturers,
and the Birth of Global Trade

Timothy Brook


 Extreme Ethnography

Extreme Ethnography:
French Exploration and the
Conquest of North Africa

Edmund Burke III


 Blackness Beyond Borders

Blackness Beyond Borders:
African-Americans, Afromexicans,
and Transnational Experiences of
Blackness in National Spaces

Dr. Ben Vinson III


Prior Lectures

2006-07 (Feb)    Leslie Peirce, NYU
“Unequal Justice?  Gender, Islamic Law & Local Courts in the Premodern Ottoman Empire”

2005-06 (Apr)    Anthony Grafton, Princeton (rescheduled from April 2005) (cancelled – weather in Denver again)
        “Times Past: Visions of World History in Pre-Modern Europe”

2005-06 (Oct)    Carlos Eire, Yale University
        “When Nuns and Witches Flew:  Writing a History of the Impossible”

2004-05 (Apr)    Anthony Grafton, Princeton (cancelled due to weather in Denver)
        “Times Past: Visions of World History in Pre-Modern Europe”

2003-04    Christine Worobec, Northern Illinois University
        “Orthodoxy & Women’s Spirituality in Late Imperial Russia”

2002-03    Inga Clendinnen, La Trope University, Bundoora, Australia
        “Representing Suffering”

2001 (Oct.)    Heinrich von Staden, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
“Reading as Therapy: Literacy and the Practice of Medicine in the Greco-Roman World”

2001 (Feb.)    Barbara Engel, University of Colorado
“Sisters of their Sisters?  Russian Women, the Revolutionary Legacy and the Denial of Personal Life”

1999-00    James H. Merrell, Vassar College
             “Back to the Frontier”

1998-99    Emily Rosenberg, Macalester College
             “Consuming Women: Image of Americanization in the American Century”

1997-98    Arch Getty, University of California, Riverside
             “The Terror of Texts: Pursuing the Politburo under Stalin”

1996-97    Juan R. I. Cole, University of Michigan
             Civilizations in Collision: Bonaparte’s Invasion of Egypt, 1798”

1995-96    Lawrence W. Levine, University of California, Berkeley
             “All the Nations of the World: The Search for American Identity”

1994-95    Gregory L. Freeze, Brandeis University
            “Subversive Piety: Canonization and Political Culture in Late Imperial Russia”

1993-94    Colin L. MacLachlan, Tulane University
            “The Historical Roots of the Politics of Scarcity: Mexico in the Modern Era”

1992-93    Donald Worster, University of Kansas
            “Nature and Wealth:  The Historical Roots of Our Environmental Predicament”

1991-92    William G. Rosenberg, University of Michigan
“Problems of Democracy in Revolutionary Russia:  Historical Perspectives on the Current Soviet Scene”

1990-91    Jonathan Wiener, University of California, Irvine
             “William Appleman Williams and the Rise of Radical History”

1989-90    David R. Coffin, Princeton University
             “Art, Nature and Illusion:  The Orsini Garden of Bomarzo”

1988-89    Ronald G. Suny, University of Michigan
“Beyond Psycho-History:  The Young Stalin and the Revolutionary Movement in Georgia”

1987-88    Caroline W. Bynum, University of Washington
             “Women and Christian Religious Practice in the Middle Ages”

1986-87    Walter LaFeber, Cornell University
            “Reagan and the New U.S. Foreign Policy:  A Historian’s Perspective”

1985-86    Herbert Ellison, Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies
            “Is There a Soviet-Asian Policy?”

1984-85    Joan Hoff-Wilson, Indiana University
            “The State of the Art: Women’s History”

1983-84    Sheldon Wolin, Princeton University
           “The Politics of Marx”

1982-83    Nicholas V. Riasanovsky, University of California, Berkeley
            “Soviet Perspectives on the Cold War”