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Jesus at 2000

In 1995 Marcus Borg produced a series of lectures to celebrate the birth of Jesus, 2000 years previously. This pioneering series not only brought in an astonishing array of visitors -- Huston Smith, John Dominic Crossen, Harvey Cox, Karen Jo Torejessen, and Alan Segal, but used technology in new and interesting ways. The conference was held over two days in Winter of 1995. While Corvallis was partially flooded and virtually turned into an island, the conference (while attracting over 750 actual participants) was televised and viewed around the country. The conversation continued on the internet, and Marcus Borg edited the papers from the conference which were published by Westview Press as Jesus at 2000.

Conference Lectures

Introduction: Jesus at 2000
- Fred Burnham, Trinity Institute, and Marcus Borg, Oregon State University

Marcus Borg


From Galilean Jew to the Face of God: The Pre-Easter and Post-Easter Jesus

Marcus Borg

John Dominic Crossen



Jesus and the Kingdom: Peasants and Scribes in Earliest Christianity

John Dominic Crossen, DePaul University

Alan Segal



Jesus, Judaism and Early Christianity

Alan Segal, Barnard College

Karen Jo Torejesen



You are the Christ!" Second Century Views of Jesus

Karen Jo Torejesen, Claremont Graduate School

Harvey Cox


Jesus and Generation X

Harvey Cox, Harvard University and Divinity School

Houston Smith


Jesus and the World's Religions

Houston Smith, Syracuse University, emeritus

Concluding Panel (all speakers)