2007| Does Religion Matter?

2007:   Does Religion Matter?

In recognition of the exemplary teaching and research of OSU Distinguished Professor Marcus Borg, the Philosophy Department's 15th annual IDEAS MATTER Lecture Series will take up the ideas and phenomena of religion and examine whether and how religion "matters" in the contemporary world.

Jan. 11 - "Religion and Idolatry" - Marc Borg, Distinguished Professor and Hundere Chair, Department of Philosophy

Jan. 18 - "Moving from the Head to the Heart: Poetry, Silence, and Prayer" - Chris Anderson, Professor in Department of English & Deacon at St. Mary's Catholic Church

Jan. 25 - "Why Won't Religion Just Go Away?" - Sally K. Gallagher, Professor, Department of Sociology

Feb. 1 - "Science and Religion: Adversaries or Allies?" - Gary Ferngren, Professor, Department of History

Feb. 8 - "Topoi of the Mysteries" - Michael Beachley, Assistant Professor, Speech Communication

Feb. 15 - Gilfillan Aud., 4:00 pm
"The Secular Sacred: Where Marcus and I Walk Different Paths Through the Same Forest" -  Kathleen Dean Moore, Distinguished Professor, University Writer Laureate, Department of Philosophy

Feb. 22 - "Is the History of Religion Too Important to be Left to the Religious?" - Bob Nye, Professor, Horning Professor of the Humanities, Department of History

Mar. 1 - "We All Worship Something" - Rabbi Ariel Stone, Congregation Shir Tikvah, Portland, OR

Mar. 8 - "Bouncing into Graceland or (with apologies to Paul Simon) Still Christian After All These Years" - Susan Shaw, Associate Professor, Director of Women Studies, Department of Women Studies

Mar. 15 - "Buddhist No-self and Narrative: A Tale of Nobody in Religion and Religious Studies" - Mark Unno, Associate Professor of East Asian Religions,University of Oregon