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Meet Sean Wyman

A native of Portland Oregon, Sean Wyman was raised visiting galleries downtown every few weeks. Graduating from Lane Community College in 2007 with an Associates of the Arts, and a Bachelors of Fine Art from Oregon State University in 2013. Graduate school will be the next step for this constantly expanding artist.

He has shown work at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon in 2007, at Fairbanks West Gallery at Oregon State University in 2011 , and at Bombs Away Cafe in Corvallis Oregon during the month of May 2012. The wall flower will bloom someday and when it does there will be a scramble to capture it.

For the last 10 years, Sean Wyman has not cared about what art thinks. He drinks art for breakfast, sleeps art every night, he breaths art daily in the pursuit of his creations. The art creates itself through the repetition and manipulation of the process. He is not an artist as much as a process driven engineer, exploring what is possible and how it makes people feel. Through searching within the forests or walking down the streets, patterns emerge around us and his vision explores the individual elements presented.

Being introduced to ceramics has brought forth a desire to express patterns and textures in a three dimensional, sculptural form. Having worked with turning three dimensional scenes into flat landscapes through photography, he turned his attention to creating them out of clay. The process of putting together organic or man-made patterns into fresh forms can be tedious and time consuming. When the repetitive becomes mundane it is up to his vision to expand the view and create something new and visually pleasing. Either two dimensionally or three, the structure always implies some form that is repeatable. Through the engineering of repetition, blossoms beautiful art.

As he forges ahead with sculpture, photography, ceramics, wood working and many more mixed-medias, these elements will continue to become transformed into visual expressions. The perpetual exploration of new ideas will become adapted into the process, creating uniquely new forms. This desire to cultivate new and different creations and ideas that can last through time should be within every artist, and so it becomes his drive.

To learn more about Sean Wyman, go to http://www.seanwymanart.com/home.

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