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Publications for Dr. Loren Davis

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  • Jenkins, Dennis L., Loren G. Davis, Thomas W. Stafford, Jr., Paula F. Campos, Bryan Hockett, George T. Jones, Linda Scott Cummings, Chad Yost, Thomas J. Connolly, Robert M. Yohe II, Summer C. Gibbons, Maanasa Raghavan, Morten Rasmussen, Johanna L. A. Paijmans, Michael Hofreiter, Brian M. Kemp, Jodi Lynn Barta, Cara Monroe, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Eske Willerslev
    Clovis Age Western Stemmed Projectile Points and Human Coprolites at the Paisley Caves. Science 337:223-228. 2012
  • Davis, Loren G., Shane J. Macfarlan, S.J., and Celeste N. Henrickson
    A PXRF-based chemostratigraphy and provenience system for the Cooper’s Ferry site, Idaho.  Journal of Archaeological Science 39:663-671. doi: 10.1016/j.jas.2011.10.029. 2012  
  • Davis, Loren G.
    Return to the Cooper’s Ferry site: studying cultural chronology, geoecology, and foragers in context.  Idaho Archaeologist 34(1):1-5. 2011
  • Davis, Loren G.
    The Paleocoastal concept reconsidered.  In, N. Bicho, J. Haws and L.G. Davis (eds.), pp. 3-26, Trekking the Shore: Changing Coastlines and the Antiquity of Coastal Settlement.  Springer Publishing Company, New York.
  • Davis, Loren G. and Samuel C. Willis
    Technology, mobility, and adaptation among early foragers of the southern Northwest Coast: The view from Indian Sands, southern Oregon coast, USA.  In, N. Bicho, J. Haws and L.G. Davis (eds.), 137-160, Trekking the Shore: Changing Coastlines and the Antiquity of Coastal Settlement.  Springer Publishing Company, New York. 2011  
  • Gusick, Amy and Loren G. Davis
    Exploring Baja California’s submerged landscapes.  Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology 30(1):35-49. 2010  
  • Davis, Loren G., Steven A. Jenevein, Michele L. Punke, Jay S. Noller, Julia A. Jones, and Samuel C. Willis
    Geoarchaeological themes in a dynamic coastal environment, Lincoln and Lane Counties, Oregon. In, J.E. O’Connor, R.J. Dorsey, and I.P. Madin, pp. 319-336, Volcanoes to Vineyards: Geologic Field Trips through the Dynamic Landscape of the Pacific Northwest.  Geological Society of America Field Trip Guide 15.  Geological Society of America, Boulder, Colorado. 2009  
  • Davis, Loren G.
    Clarification of and comment on Erlandson et al. ‘‘Life on the Edge: Early Maritime Cultures of the Pacific Coast of North America.”  Quaternary Science Reviews 28(23-24):2542-2545. 2009  
  • Davis, Loren G.
    New support for a late Pleistocene-aged coastal occupation at the Indian Sands site, Oregon.  Current Research in the Pleistocene 25:74-76. 2008
  • Davis, Loren G., Roberta L. Hall, Mathew Fillmore, Michele L. Punke, and Nicholas Debenham
    Some Natural Formation Processes Affecting Early Coastal Headland Sites on the Southern Oregon Coast. In Dunes, Headlands, Estuaries, and Rivers: Current Archaeological Research on the Oregon Coast, edited by Guy L. Tasa and Brian L. O’Neill, pp. 119-136. Association of Oregon Archaeologists Occasional Papers No. 8. Eugene, Oregon. 2008
  • Davis, Loren G.
    Paleoseismicity and prehistoric anadromous fish exploitation in the Salmon River basin, western Idaho. North American Archaeologist 23(3):233-263. 2008

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