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student servicesThe College of Liberal Arts provides personalized advising to undergraduate students who are currently pursuing or wish to pursue a major in one of the Liberal Arts disciplines. Advisers are available to assist students with selecting, planning, and completing your academic programs. Advisers also serve as great resources for career development and internship opportunities.

When Should I Schedule An Advising Appointment?

It is best to schedule an appointment early on in the term. One way to remember when to schedule an appointment is to call on or around the following days:

  • Halloween (Oct. 31st)
  • Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th)
  • May Day (May 1st)

Advising Tips

  • Have an idea of the questions you would like to ask when you come for your appointment. Be thinking about goals (graduation by a certain time, studying abroad, internships, etc.) and write down any questions you might have.
  • Review your schedule of classes. Write down classes you are interested in taking.
  • Make a list of your other commitments (For example: sports practices, work, internships, family responsibilities, etc.) this will keep your plan on a realistic schedule.

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