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Jay Peterson 

Jay Peterson

Research Associate

West Coast Fisheries

Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
(541) 867-0424
(541) 867-0389 (fax)

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  • Ph.D. Environmental Sciences
    Environmental, Coastal and Ocean Sciences Program
    University of Massachusetts Boston 

  • M.A. Marine Science
    University of Texas - Austin 

  • B.S. Zoology
    University of Wisconsin - Madison 


Research Interests 

I am currently studying the interactions between zooplankton! and meso-scale physical processes (fronts, eddies, currents). Since zooplankton are the major link between primary production and upper torphic levels in aquatic environments, gaining a better understanding of what processes control the abundnace, biomass and distribution of zooplankton becomes ciritcal for being able to predict what resources will be available for upper trophic levels, including fish, birds and marine mammals.

  • Zooplankton distribution and abundance in relation to physical features.
  • Optical and acoustic detection of zooplankton, especially krill and larger copepod species!.
  • How zones of hypoxia! influence the vertical distribution of zooplankton along the Oregon shelf.


Research Projects

Ocean Ecosystem Indicators (OEI)


This project focuses on the development and use of indicators of physical and biological ocean conditions and their relationship to the survival of juvenile salmon. The indicators are used to provide both a qualitative assessment of the coastal marine environment as well as to make quantitative forecasts of salmon returns. Additionally, the indicators developed here may be of use to those trying to understand how variations in ocean conditions affect recruitment of fish stocks, seabirds, and other marine animals. 



Pacific Coast Ocean Observation System (PaCOOS)

PaCOOSAs part of a nationwide effort, NOAA, academic partners, foundations, state fisheries agencies, and other organizations are developing an integrated Pacific Coast Ocean Observing System, (PaCOOS) for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. The system shall provide the information needed for management of fishery resources, protected marine mammals, marine birds, and turtles, and to forecast the ecosystem consequences of fisheries removals, environmental variability and climate change. 



River Influence on Shelf Ecosystems (RISE)

RISEThis project is a 5 year field study investigating the influence of the Columbia River plume on physical, biological and chemical processes along the Oregon and Washington shelf. Field sampling took place during July 2004, June and August 2005, and June 2006.


Service Activities

HMSC Sustainability Committee

recycle symbolMember of the Hatfield Marine Science Center's (HMSC) committee mandated "to promote, through implementation and demonstration, sustainable practices and technologies throughout HMSC and the community in order to effectively meet society's current needs while maintaining the Earth's natural resources, biodiversity, and habitability for current and future generations." 




Water Treatment Task Force

City of Newport(September 2006-Present) Member of a committee responsible for overseeing improvements to the water treatment facility for the city of Newport, Oregon.



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Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies
Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
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